Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Share:My Favorite Kind of Day!

Today was one of my very favorite kinds of days...
a day filled with simple pleasures.

This morning, we went to Magnolia UCC, where an exhibit of my photographs is being featured for 6 weeks. They held a "meet the artist" reception for me after the service, where I met many nice people who expressed their delight at my images. What a blessing it is to know that my passion touch others!

(I got a sandwich board! lol!)

And look at this gorgeous Magnolia tree across the street from the church...can you see where the neighborhood got it's very appropriate name?!

Afterwards, we decided to take advantage of being so close to downtown Seattle and stop in for lunch at our very favorite pizza place, Serious Pie ...which now also has a Serious Biscuit downstairs! Jeff had been dying to try it, so he got a "artisian" biscuit sandwich and we also shared two speciality pizzas-the simple but delicious "Italian flag" pizza (red sauce, fresh mozz cheese & fresh basil) and the Yukon Gold potato pie...both absolute perfection! (I was too hungry to remember to snap a pic before digging in!)

Then, since we got up early and rushed off to church, we missed enjoying our usual leisurely Sunday morning lattes at home, so we stopped by the best coffeehouse in Seattle: Espresso Vivace.

more perfection!
 By now, it was after 3 pm, and we had left our babies (3 Basset Hounds) alone for too long, so we headed home...and on the way, we soon decided that it was a far too beautiful of a day to "waste" the remaining hours of sunshine working on the house like we had planned to (Jeff is in the middle of major plumbing work and I had plenty of cleaning to do...), so we picked up the doggies and headed to Edmonds dog beach!

Dottie gets her feet (and belly!) wet!
We all had a great time playing, exploring, meeting other dogs and getting belly rubs...(well, our DOGS got the belly rubs, not us!) and soaking up the sunshine! We stayed for over an hour, and when we got into the car to leave, our "old man" Max & our "baby" Annabelle were already curled up fast asleep in the back seat, all tuckered out from the fresh air, exercise and excitement!

It was just a nice day all around, filled with simple pleasures, most of which were not planned...we just decided to do them because that is what we wanted to do!

Now the doggies are getting their "spa treatments" from daddy (because they have sand in all of their cracks & crevices and they smell fishy!) and then we will probably relax with an hour or so of reading in bed before calling it a day...and a very GOOD one, at that! 

Hope your day was one of YOUR favorite kinds of days too!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Sounds totally and completely fabuloso!

  2. Love days like these, simple pleasures are always the best ♥