Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Smiles: "Say Cheese"!

Hello friends!
Today I want (hope!) to make you smile, by sharing some of the funny photos I have taken during April.
(of course there will be dogs involved...might as well start with one.)

Dottie, downhill.

yes, we really do get that excited at a rare gracing of the sun here in Seattle


huh wha oh hey hi ya

 the problem childs weird thing of this day
was to paw at her bowl until she had flipped all the food out of it
then eat it piece by piece off the floor.
we don't even try to figure her out anymore.
we just love her.

triple snoozing cuteness

 (i warned you that there would be dogs involved!)
(oh well, what's one more...!)

we have a large beautiful lush side yard.
so where does the baby plop belly-up to get some sun?
nope, there is just no figuring THAT one out

i had no idea that this adorable little alpaca was smilling,
little tiny TEETH smiling,
until I looked at this photo on my laptop!


and you thought the teeth smiling alpaca was cute!
this motercycle riding dogs is SHUT UP! cute if you ask me!
maybe even as cute as OUR dogs...!

"in" our pond.
with crazy hair.
(well, it made ME smile!)

came downstairs yesterday morning to find thi.s
yes, even my Prince Charming has his lapsed moments of bachelorhoodness
(even though he has not been one for like 30 years)
like i said about Annabelle,
i don't even try to figure him out anymore.
i just love him.

found this while digging through a bin at Goodwill outlet...
of course i had to get it!
it cost like two cents!
(and you wonder why i love thrifting so much!)
of course, i am now on the great search for MP #1...
man, thrift stores ROCK!
you just never know what you might find!
(um, i kinda still don't know exactly WHAT it is i found...
'cause, well,  it IS a mystery!)

  Hope I've brought you a few smiles on this Saturday!
Have a day full of 'em!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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