Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Share: "YOU"!

Nothing incredibly pressing or important was coming to mind to share today...

I considered describing the several very odd dreams I had last night...

Or telling you about my grandsons fish Nemo not surviving his first water change (which my daughter is experiencing much mommy guilt about, poor thing...but he is ok about because she told him that Nemo went to visit his grandparents this weekend...neglecting, of course, to mention the obvious fact that his grandparents must be in fishie heaven!)...

Or maybe posting some photos of Mother Nature hard at work in our yard...

Or about the V     E     R     Y       S     L     O     W  "progression" of the work my man is doing on our house... (LAF (less affectionately known as): "Why There Are 16 Winter Coats, 10 As-Of-Yet Un-Opened Puzzles, 8 Board Games, Approximately 364 CD's and Assorted Other random belongs In The Hall Closet Crap Piled On Our Kitchen Table For The Past 2 Months")...

But I decided to just share this instead, because I really like it and it seemed like a good thing to share.

(thanks Petrea!)

You can (and should!) share it with someone who might need reminding...

Have a happy-being-YOU day!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. thanks Laurie, Love it!! great 'no one is you-er than you!! " I've just been having a glimpse of a realisation today about accepting all of me.. the parts of my personality..funny.. so thanks for the great share! xx Prita.

  2. Everyone needs a little Dr Seuss to start their day, Laurie - thanks for sharing it!



  3. Yes! Dr. Seus knew what he was talking about!