Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Make-It :"Beltane"

Last Sunday we were blessed to revel in the abundance of Mother Natures glorious renewal with a visit to the incredible nearby tulip fields, whose wonderous beauty filled us with life affirming energy and joy.
It's been a rainy week since, but with semi-warm temps, which is a wonderful combination to coax even more buds, blossoms and blooms out to brighten up the world!

like this scarlet rhodie, which is going to be stunning in a few days!

This evening and into tomorrow morning, we will be celebrating this bursting fertile season with the coming of the Sabbat of Beltane. more commonly known as May Day.
("Technically",  this year Beltane officially begins on here in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States where we live...but I am just sticking to us celebrating on the eve of May 1, mainly because we already have a gaming gathering planned on the evening of the 4th, when my husbands best friend will be here visiting from our hometown!

I have been gathering lovely ideas to mark this ancient welcoming of the light of the new fertile summer season and created a few simple yet powerful and beautiful creations to celebrate this wonderous time of year.

our fireplace mantle Beltane alter

close up of fairy wings, and the votive candle holders & mini-maypole I made
(the fairy wings are from the dollar store, i made the soy candles & decorated with images printed from online,
and the green alter cloth is a scarf of mine)

the maypole was made from a painted tree branch, a silk flower (bouquet from the dollar store),
 rainbow ribbons and tiny salt shaker (both from a thrift  store)

close up of Green Man & fairy print, Scrabble tiles, & ceramic birdies
(birdies, cherries & tiles are from a thrift store, print is from a calender I got
on clearance in Jan. for one dollar! It has 12 gorgeous fairy prints in it!)

close up of fairy couple print, feather mask, bird & golden glitter egg and leaf dish with grain offering
(feather mask, bird & plastic egg-which I decorated- are from dollar store, leaf dish is from a thrift store)

fairy dust!
(made using an empty bottle I found in the recyling bin,
decorated with glitter, paint, various paper, beads & ribbon embellishments)

sitting on the hearth is a framed cherry branch needlepoint , birdie & large candle I made
(the bird & candle are from the dollar store, I printed the Beltane image from online
 &  the needlepoint is from a thrift store)

May Day cone I made, with silk daffodils
(made using silk flowers and paper cone party hats from the dollar store with another clearance
wall calender page wrapped & glued around a hat)

Beltane wish tree and "Prosperity" Angel Oracle card
we will write wishes for the world on the ribbons and tie them on the branches
(this also sits on the hearth(but looked better to photograph sitting in a window sill!
made using a painted tree branch, bottle & ribbons from a thrift store)

I wanted to share how easy and inexpensive all of our decorations were!
I keep an eye out all year 'round everywhere I go, for various items to use to create, decorate and incorporate into our special Sabbat & other holi/holy days.

Are you doing anything special this week to officially welcome Beltane/ Spring? I'd love to know YOUR celebrations & traditions!

Have a beautiful bursting-with-abundance first day of May!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. I have been so busy with the giveaway I hadn't even thought to actually celebrate! I love all of your decorations. I am inspired to create something tomorrow!

  2. I love your rainbow wand maypole and using scrabble letters to spell out Beltane on your altar! My wedding anniversary is May 2nd so we'll be keeping in the tradition of a fertile celebration in my home this week ;)

  3. Your altar is beee-you-tiful! LOVE x 10000 your Beltane celebrations!