Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday-"Creative Space"

When I retreat to my garage art studio to work  play for an extended length of time, there are several small but important rituals I always make sure to follow, which help to set the "mood", open my heart and infuse my space with light and energy. I am thankful for not only those special little things, but also for the entire area I have to utilize along with the reality of being able to be a work from home artist. All are without a doubt great blessings to me and important elements of why I am such a happy and content being!

Today I'm sharing some photos of those special things I am so thankful for, which assist me in expressing my creative self...

my fave tea in the world in my pretty new teapot

the soothing scent of Nag Champa incense, and a sage bundle to clear the space
along with special tailsmans like a lava rock from Maui & a river Garnet
and an oracle card to guide me

music is crucial, i rarely work without something playing, either in the background or turned up to 11!
this was my selection for yesterdays creative time

my wealth of art supplies! this is only a fraction of what is filling up the shelves in our garage!
i am focused on mixed media collage and painting girly faces right now, so my paints
 and other drawing/coloring elements are always close at hand

stack of art & creativity books by incredibly talented and inspiring artists,
which i hungrily devour ideas and tips from
and use as reference or tutorial almost every day!

my work space itself...this is a close up of my main work table which is a 8 ft banquet type table,
covered with brown shipping paper...good thing, huh?!

I am thankful pretty much everyday for a product called Gesso, because it enables me to correct many mistakes and gives me a chance to basically start all over again if i am really not pleased with something...
and my heat gun, because i am so impatient waiting for layers of medium to dry before wanting to add more
...and sometimes, when i DON'T wait long enough, like i said, that Gesso sure comes in handy!

of course i am thankful for my hands, one of my most important tools of creativity
(along with an open heart to create from and see creativty with!)

sweet curious visitors who want to see what Mommy is doing!

and of course, as always, I am thankful for my husband, whose hard work and dedication at a "real" job
provides us with everything we could ever need or want, and allows me the freedom and ability
to pursue my dream of living a creative life
he is also my biggest fan and cheerleader, and thinks i can do anything.
i heart you, my handsome boy!

What are YOU thankful for which allows you to do something you love to do?

Hope your day is filled with abundance!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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