Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday *a revisit*

That lucky lady Jamie Ridler , the hostess of Wishcasting Wednesday, is off on holiday right now
(doesn't that word sound so much more romantic and exciting than "vacation"?!),
in Paris... yes, PARIS, as in THE very same PARIS I "wishcasted" about longing to visit on this blog
just last Wednesday!
(That was a *sigh* of complete happiness for her and utter dang it for me...for now!)
So anyway, if I were in Paris (which I WILL BE someday, mind you!), I can assure you that I would be tres too busy swooning over La Tour Eiffel, smooching the darling gargoyles of Notre Dame, communing with spirits ( and taking hundreds of photos) and having my hand kissed by charming (French) men,
to worry about writing my blog (except, of course, to taunt you with gorgeous images of the wonders I am experiencing!)
So, avoir un temps merveilleux, Jamie!
Today I will carry on her tradition of Wishcasting by revisiting a previous question which she posed
on Aug.31, 2011 (prior to when I started wishcasting!)...


I wish to say "no"
to all of the negative & self-limiting beliefs & excuses  
I create for myself...
"no" to "I'm not good enough"
"no" to "I can't possibly do THAT"
"no" to "I don't have time"
"no" to "maybe later"
"no" to FEAR

and instead say "WHY NOT?!"
to everything that I want to try to do!

Hope your day is filled with why not's & wishes-come-true!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

"no" to "I don't know how" 

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  1. The big one for me is saying no to "maybe later". This creeps up in all areas of my life including shopping for food. Can you believe it? I buy it when it's on sale thinking I might want to eat it later. It can sit in my cupboard for years and the money I spent on it is gone, never to come back. Very interesting, thought-provoking blog post. Thank you.