Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday-Love is Ducky!

Today is a special day of thankfulness.
8 years ago today, I and a good friend I had known for about 13 years, fell in love.
(well, he claims to have fallen in love with me at first sight,  but it took me a bit longer to come around,
plus we had years of personal muck to slog through first...)
That good friend is now my husband of 79 days.
Today we celebrate the anniversary of the begining of our future, the future which turned out to be our very happy life together.
He is still my good best friend.
For the love we share, I am so very thankful.

After a lazy morning snuggling in bed with our furbabies, we came downstairs to start our day,
and as best friend/hubs walked through our bistro, he suddenly exclaimed "LOOK"!
And looking out the bay window, this is the lovely sight we saw...

A duck couple have been visiting our pond every spring for years now...
but this was my first time getting to see them. (I've lived here for almost 4 years)
They use our pond as their little love tub...
and we're hoping that they'll bring their sweet little ducklings back to see us later.
We feel like their presence here today was a little celebratory gift to us in honor of our special day.

I am thankful for these sweet love-ducks.
For the abundance of love in my life.
And for the joy of todays anniversary with my soul mate.

May their be much love in your life to be thankful for today.
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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