Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday "Took-It"-The Golden Hour

This is the final week/prompt for the 52 Photos Project for the past year (the "new year" with new weekly prompts begins again next week, yay!).

Today Bella asks us to share a photo on the theme:
The Golden Hour 
as the sun fades away
it casts a magic glow
golden rays
and rainbow colored hues
let's fade out like
the golden hour
the magic light the sun casts
before it fades and sets

first, i admit that this is not a new photo
(not much sun for a golden hour around Seattle just yet!)
it was taken late last summer, in the early evening,
at the old Army munitions building in Fort Warden Park in Washington
i found the shadows of  weeds made by the golden light of the lowering sun
abstractly beautiful
against the decaying yellowish wall
the varying shapes and changing patterns
 was mesmerizing
i gazed upon the wall for long time
and took many photographs
but i am still not sure that i was fully able to capture the unique beauty
of this Golden Hour

Thank you, Bella, for a wonderful past 4 months of thoughtful and challenging photo prompts
(I just found the project in January!).
I look so forward to completing the next 52 weeks worth of prompts and photos with you and everyone else participating!

Have a golden day!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!