Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Free-for-All: "Day at the Beach"

As I mentioned, my husbands best friend is here for a (too short) visit. He told us that he only wanted to go to two places while here: to see the Puget Sound and to eat at Bamboo Garden. Tomorrow we eat, today we went to the beach! We live in the convergence zone which, in the words of Jeff, we "live in Mordor"! We hemmed & hawed about going or not for a few hours, because it was raining fairly steady and around 40 degrees at our house, but we both really needed a beach fix... so off we went, to Edmonds beach, which is about 4 miles from us...and was happy to find that the sun was playing peek-a-boo and it was in the mid-50's there!  We like to say "It's always sunny in Edmonds"! (not necessarily true as you will see from the following photos, but definitely sunnier than at our house!)
We got java at Waterfront Coffee Company and then spent the next few hours walking from one end of the beach to the other. There are a lot of interesting spots along the mile long Bracketts Landing beach area, which we had a great time exploring and chatting!

tulips growing next to the undersea mural painted on the side of the coffeehouse

the rock pier overlooking the marine dive park

The ferry "Spokane" heading for dock with a seagull sentinel

Ferry and fish (made of recycled objects)

fishing pier, where we got about a 2 second glimpse of a seal!

Edmonds Marina

not exactly a tropical "laying out" type beach, but I love the rugged natural beauty of PNW beaches!

pretty "cat's eye" shell

it's always cool to see a train running along the coastal tracks

doggies playing!

pretty bright yellow witch broom
(my husband calls it "the kudzu of the Pacific Northwest"!)

 It was a very good day, as a day at the beach ALWAYS is!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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  1. Love the train! I don't think any trains in Australia run along coastal tracks :)