Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Light & Heights...

Hi everyone! I've been on a bit of a self-imposed "power-down", attempting to spend less time logged on and more time connected to *real* life...which has been quite easy for me over the past 4 days as I am on a 19 day visit with my kids, grandson & friends here in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri! (or "Misery" as the state is often referred to, especially in the summertime, when the high temps come with humidity to match!) My turning-3-in-Sept. grandson Ryatt is more entertaining than most of what the internet has to offer, and his sticky little kisses just seal the deal for me!

It's been a week since my last post, so while he is happily occupied with an elaborate truck-to-truck conversation, I thought I'd pop in with a post on my fave day of participation in two online communities:

Gallery 6 this week for the 52 Photos Project is:

I hope that my beautiful grandson Ryatt will grow up knowing
 to always look for the light in the dark...

Today for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks:

"We can scale the heights of mountains and see the world rayed out before us,
but we fail to recognize that which is before us."
Mt. Rainier
photo by me

This prompt really stumped me.
As soon as I read it,I immediately thought of  "heights" as "challenges",  "achievments", "goals", or "success".
I have never really been all that "ambitious". I am fine with just doing ok as opposed to being the best.
Or even sometimes, doing MY best. As an only child, you'd think maybe I owuld have been under a lot of pressure to "measure up", to be "everything" in every way. But although my parents expected me to at least try, there was never a sense of excelling or competiveness prevelant in my formative years. On the flip side, due to my daddys mental illness, I was also considered perfect as I was one moment, and a complete failure the next. Again, you may think that would have caused me to feel the need to please, be perfect, set my sights on the highest prize to prove myself. For year, in a less traditionally competitive way, it did.
But mainly, it made me see myself as never being good enough, no matter what I did. But now, after being who I am for 52 years, I have learned that the only person I need to please, the only "height" I need to aspire to and attain, is the one which I desire to summit. I have learned along this path of life to notice,
 be open to and grateful for the simple things. I don't have to run a marathon, climb Mt. Everest, pass the test, be the best or write a blog post everyday. The heights I wish to reach are ones I already have
 and which make me the positive, calm, happy, truly content person I am today.
Heights such as the whole and joyous love for and of my family, the complete acceptance and unconditional adoration of a truly good man, the freedom to pursue my creativity, the soulfulness of living in an area of natural wonder, my basic needs being met so abundantly, the connection and loyalty of companion animals, and the open heart and compassion I extend to all living creatures sharing this existence.
I wish to continue reaching those heights of contentment.
Of being blessed with the ability to recognize and apprieciate them.
Of being exactly who I am, how I want to be,where I want to be.
And of that being
Happy Me-Laurie Z


  1. as you wish I too wish with you.

  2. I love this picture of Ryatt!!

  3. I love the light in your photo - and the little one is so cute! :)

  4. Wow Laurie, the power in your wish is so strong. To have the heights you aspire to being to be who you are, where you want to be to be enough. That packed quite a punch for me and I read your post several times because it resonated so deeply. Lovely photo of the little guy! As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

  5. Fantastic photo ~ so endearing and precious yet very powerful! ~ thanks, ^_^

  6. I love your wish!
    As you wish for yourself so I wish for you as well!

  7. I love this post, such a powerful wish and so beautifully written. I read it through twice it spoke to me so much. As you wish for yourself, so i wish for you also x

  8. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well.

    btw, Tacoma?!? Really? I lived there for almost 13yrs - just moved to Olympia this February - small world <3

  9. What a precious photo of your grandson!

  10. love this so sweet and precious great lighting

    ps please consider turning word verification off it makes it easier to comment more often

  11. truly a precious image of your grandson :)

  12. I love the picture of your grandson! Don't you love being older? I love the acceptance of self that comes with it, at least!

  13. Heights of contentment! I love that! As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also.

    I love the picture of your grandson!! So sweet!!

  14. Wonderful capture for "light in the dark!"

  15. love your interpretation of "light in the dark" . . .
    such a sweet capture!

  16. priceless picture of your adorable grandson! Great light in the darkness shot!