Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Smiles!

In one week from today, I will be back in my hometown of St. Louis, spending 19 days with my awesome kids, almost 3 yr. old grandson and lots of friends! That makes me smile! And so do these photos which were taken by others but that I wanted to share:

my kids Kaelyn & Trevor, spending some quality sibling hang-out time a few nights ago!

my grandson Ryatt, taking a lunch-time snooze today!
(taken by his caregiver Megan)

More smile inducers today:
* Enjoying lattes & reading The Stranger "I Saw You"  ads while soaking up the morning sun out on our deck this morning
* Seeing so many beautiful flowers blooming so bright while out running errands today!
*Finding out that the church where I just had a 6 week exhibit of my photographs is purchasing three of them to adorn their community center area!
*Spending time exploring the *new* Whole Foods Market which opened "dangerously" close to our house! (it opened in Feb. so we successfully resisted for a few months!) Lunch from their "food bar"
was delicious, and of course, we managed to bring home a few bags of goodies we can't find anywhere else!
* Finding a great organic locally brewed Fish Tale Amber Ale we tasted in Pt. Townsend last fall that we have not been able to find since then! (at WFM) And on sale too!
*AND finding Sea Glass Riesling (at World Market), which I saw online, on a Google search for sea glass images! The label on the blue bottle is sooooo pretty & it will definitely find a place in our tropical bathroom when it is emptied!
*Picking up a stack of special order books at the library...including "I Suck At Girls" by tJustin Halpern-he guy who tweets & Facebooks the awesomely hilarious "Shi* My Dad Says"! I am 8 pages in and cracking up already!
*Seeing a super cute Basset Hound riding in the backseat of a car driving next to us in Ballard! :)
*Getting a swap package with a lovely gift inside...a set of 4 darling vintage cherry patterned juice glasses! (it was for a thrift store surprise swap!) SOOO cute!
*My guy making more progress on the transformation of our boring off whitehallway & stairwell...! (pictures coming soon!)

Hope your day was filled with things that made you smile too!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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  1. You make me smile! Enjoy your holiday in St. Louis.