Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Share: "Full (SUPER!) Moon Dreamboard"

Last night was the full "Supermoon", also known in the Northern Hempsiphere as the Full Fower Moon.
In creating this Full Moon Dreamboard, Jamie Ridler asks us to ponder:

"What are you dreaming under this Full Flower Moon?
This is the time when the buds have transformed into blooms, reminding us it is time to do the same.  What are your full flower dreams?
 How would you like to bloom?
Who are you when you’re in full bloom?"

Unfortunately (for viewing purposes), we live in somewhat of a valley, so I was not able to get a glimpse of the full moon until it was no longer "super", but still spectacular, in the mid night sky, between tall trees in our yard. We have a houseguest this week, and we were busy enjoying one anothers company last night, so I made my dreamboard today after spending several hours walking the beach on a glorious sunny Sunday afternoon!

I have been able to be outside for the past few days and the sunshine, warm fresh air and being near the water has really brightened up my mood! I think that shows in my choosing of lots of flowers, colors, and relaxing, enjoyable activities to create my dreamboard! Not yet sure what the images mean as far as the questions posed about my "personal blooming", but only time will tell...!

Do you feel dreams blooming within you?

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Such a beautiful board Laurie! So lush and fresh. May it bring you all that you dream for! xx

  2. Lovely dream board Laurie! x Prita