Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday: "Life"

Today we found out that a once very close, old (as in years known) friend of my husbands passed away last night. He had survived AIDS for many years, but was taken by the cancer which was discovered just a few months ago. I was not lucky enough to have known him, but by all accounts, he was quite a character; full of life, creativity, imagination, a sense of humor and capacity to love. I know he was deeply loved by many, and my heart hurts for my husband and all of those who will feel the absence of his light.     

Today, I am reminded of how very precious each day is. 
To be thankful for each breath I am blessed to take.

I am thankful for my life, and the privlege to share it with those I love.
I am thankful for my husband, my children, my grandson, my mom, my friends, my dogs.
I am thankful for everyone I am touched, taught and inspired by everyday.
I am thankful for this beautiful planet, for the sun and sky and ocean and ground and rain and bugs and woods and birds and plants and flowers and fish and rocks and trees and all creatures and living things that make it such paradise.

I am thankful for life.

I am thankful to be alive.

Rest in peace, "one F Jef".

Happy Me-Laurie Z

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