Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dreaming, Wishing & Orange!

Happy middle of the week, first Wed. of October, everyone!

I am thrilled to report that of the first 3 October mornings thus far, I have enjoyed starting 2 of them with *delicious, 10 months in anticipation , hubby made **PUMPKIN LATTES!

(His *secret? (this year, at least!): World Market Caramel Pumpkin coffee & DaVinci Pumpkin Pie syrup!)

(**NOTE: officially allowed to be habitually consumed only during the months of Oct. & Nov., with the possibility of continuing through Dec. & Jan. too, IF our skin is not turning orange by then!)

I have yet to break out the pumpkin/autumn scented candles (my fave is AUTUMN LEAVES by Yankee Candle!), but I think that is mainly due to my hoarder instinct of being afraid I will run out before Thanksgiving...even though I just did an inventory and have 1 large jar,  5 votives and 35 "tarts" ready & waiting! I can easily go through 3-6 tarts per day when I am home all day (which I usually am!), so you can see why I might be worried about making it through the next 59 days! (yes, I CAN go to the mall which is about 8 minutes away and buy more, but I prefer to stock up when they are $1 each instead of $1.99 each, which is only twice a year-usually in April & September!)
But as it was a crisp 40 degrees when we woke up this morning, all I am really waiting for now is to witness the huge trees which surround our house (some close to 200 ft tall!) sbegin blanketing the ground with their huge golden leaves!

So anyway, that is my ramble about my beloved October finally being upon us!
Now for my wednesday sharings (plus one!) for this week!

This past Sun. Sept. 30 was the full moon, and I once again participated in
Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboard activity.

In the Northern Hemisphere: The Full Corn Moon
The Full Corn Moon asks: “What dreams do I wish to bring to fruition?”
please excuse that the photo is sideways
* cue huge dramatic totally po'd yet resigned sigh*
I have no idea why my computer hates me so much but it just does and after about 17 minutes of fighting with it I just decided to let it have it's way with me once again and file this alongside hundreds of thousands of other mysterious WTF's my computer likes to come up with to mess with me with. sorry.
(I did not "conciously" choose these images to represent anything other than that, for whatever reason, they spoke to me as I flipped through pages of random magazines I have stacks of for using in my creative endeavors)
I also don't attempt to analyze, explain, decipher or ponder what these images may mean...I usually just make the board, then sit it on an easel facing my art desk in my garage studio, so I will see it whenever I am out there working during that month, and feel that there is the possibility that slowly I will come to realize or recognize the possible significance of the images...or, perhaps not...! The magic of  full moon dreaming can be quite the ethereal and mysterious and subconcious doings, you know!

Next, it is time for some Wishcasting with Jamie too!
This week we are asked:
I wish to release this prevailing feeling of "stuck-ness" and intertia 
and apathy and blockage which has lodged itself
in my heart and mind and hands and soul and head,
causing me to feel completley paralyzed, overwhelmed,
confused, afraid, uncertain, unmotivated, unenergized and unable to do what I so desire and need and long to do...

And last but asolutely not the least of my oh-so-enjoyable weekly participations, this weeks 52 Photos Project, for which the prompt is:

Even with all of my "I heart October" yakking of above, I chose to go a different route with my orange photo than the first thought of leaves or pumpkins...rather, i was drawn to this photo I took over the weekend, of a rusty olf anchor resting at the boathouse of Cama Beach State Park, on Camano Island, Washington, about 30 minutes from where we live. We were taking a drive to the next nearest Costco in search for items "our" Costco no longer carries, and decided to take a detour onto the nearby island, simply because neither of us had ever been there before, and we are always up for an "adventure", however seemingly "small"! After miles of following signs reading "MARK & JULIE", we came to Cama Beach State Park (and it was free entrance to state parks day to boot, so no entry/parking fee!), and following a short steep foot path, we discovered not only MARK & JULIE's wedding reception but also a lovely iyllic vintage looking beachfront "camp", with cabins, a cafe, small supply store, 1940's era wooden boat house, and a spectacular view of the Puget Sounds Saratoga Passage!
(did I mention that it was love at first sight for us both and we got online immediately after arriving back home to investigate planning for an intimate winter getaway?!)
Anyway, the light of the setting sun cast a magical golden glow over everything which only added to the vintage charm of the place, and I thought this rusty anchor stood out as looking even more orangey compared to the blue of the water behind it.

I hope you've liked a peek into my week, and I thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts! Have a wonderful week!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Camano Island! I've been there! I have a friend who lives on the island and we parked our 5th wheel on their property for three days in the summer of 2005. It was a very lovely moonrise that visit, too. What a gorgeous photo. It doesn't look rusty at all, just orange!

  2. Love the anchor! It must have been perfect light. Wish I could be there, too, so thank you for sharing a bit of this beautiful place ...

  3. I too LOVE October,just set out the harvest pumpkins in the yard and debating on halloween decor, my other fav!

  4. love the color of the anchor, and the angle you choose!

  5. What an awesome find - and the color is lovely.
    I love what fall represents for you. I also, like you, am a lover of yankee candles & tarts.

  6. a great and unusual find for it!

  7. I love that rusty orange anchor! So pretty!