Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Sharing!

Hello every lovely one, it's Wednesday again, already!

This week at 52 Photos Project we are sharing images depicting
I took this (Instagram) photo last Tuesday afternoon shortly after arriving at Cama Beach on Camano Island Washington, for my husbands birthday surprise overnight beachfront cabin getaway!

And this week for 
Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us:
WHAT CLARITY DO YOU WISH FOR?I wish for clarity as I begin to ponder what I would like to manifest in 2013.
The holiday season is not nearly as frenzied for me as it seems to be for many/most people, as my husband and I lead a rather secluded, solitary, simple life, and live far from any of our relatively small family. Although we miss them terribly during this special season of sharing, our "all is calm" environment gives us the ability to make the last month of the year one of our favorites for self-imposed "hibernation" during which we focus on intimate connection, "take stock" of our many blessings, recall the wonderful memories we made throughout the year, spend time in both shared and quiet reflection and discuss our hopes for the future.
For the past few years, the  month of December has also become time for me to reminisce on my own personal inner, spiritual and creative life experiences over the past year, by perusing my journals, looking over photographs I took and artwork I made,  re-reading my blog posts and reviewing my 
2012 Goddess Create Your Incredible Year Workbook/Planner which I worked through and filled out around this same time last year. All of this, plus spending cherished, dedicated and valuable time on my 2013 version of the Goddess Workbook, along with exploring online for others end of year practices are all of great assistance to me as begin the exciting "work" of setting intentions, exploring ways to manifest goals and experiences,
 choosing  my word of the year (this years word was OPEN), and opening my heart to dream about making the new year my most abundant, fulfilling and content year ever! 
So, as I begin to ponder the past year and prepare for the future,
I wish for clarity in my plans to create a bountiful, beautiful year.

Also, today is the full moon,
I took this last night around 12:30 am PST from my front yard
Although it is the smallest full moon of the year, the bright showing of Venus
 and the "halo" around the moon made for a magical sight!
and I join Jamie & other dreamers in creating my monthly 
Full Moon Dreamboard."In the Northern Hemisphere: The Full Frost Moon
The Full Frost Moon asks: “What is clear about your dreams? What further clarity do you seek?”Under the Full Frost Moon, allow that fresh chill in the air to wake you up to your dreams.
 Let creating your dreamboard be a clarifying act, bringing into focus the dreams that are in your heart. As you create your board, hold gently a request for clarity. Notice what is revealed" 

"good karma,love is all you need, it's what's inside that counts-what's inside,
lives of artists, commitment, radiant, risks bring rewards, experience a lush abundance, crowning glory, appreciation, magic, something you feel, safe and sound, fulfill your passion, magical, heartfelt and handmade, she's crafty"

Thank you for reading & sharing in my little corner of life! Have a beautiful week!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. As Laurie wishes for herself so I wish for her also.

  2. As you wish for yourself, so too do I wish. ♥

  3. What beautiful pictures, Laurie! I loved the description of your quiet, beautiful life - it's much like the life I'm aspiring to and working towards :-)
    Have a blessed holiday season!

  4. What a lovely post, Laurie! I really long for clarity too and can't wait to get my Yearbook and Planner out to dream up my new year. I love your full moon board too : ). Big hugs, Karina

  5. "radiate" "risks bring rewards" "experience a lush abundance" These all speak to my soul. What. beautiful artful reminder your dreamboard is!

  6. Beautiful dream board by the way! I didn't look yesterday because I didn't want to be influenced on mine. Yours seems to have similar themes though... Best wishes!

  7. Oh, one of the prettiest moonsets I ever saw was from a friend's front yard on Camano Island! Great photo of the moon, especially.

  8. Beautiful 1st sky photo -- but that moon? Stunning!

  9. Both images are beautiful. I hope it was a fun birthday get-away.