Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Home Wish, Black & White

Hi all!
It's time for Wishcasting Wednesday! Today Jamies asks us:
(ok, just ~B~R~E~A~T~H~E~ in....and out....slowly.....ahhhh...there, that's better....)
I have an A-MA-ZING husband. He can do ANYthing...seriously. And if he cannot (or should I say, HAS not ever before, because I have found NOTHING that he CANNOT do or will not at least TRY to do and usually succeeds at!), he will learn how and do it better than you could ever pay someone to do. SO...that being said, now comes my wish for our house:
I wish that all of the extremely labor intensive remodeling/updating/fixing construction projects (that my husband does all on his own!) that are on our List (yes, that is List with a capital L!),  
can get completed in time for us to actually be able to sit back, relax and ENJOY our beautiful home! (ie: get it all done before we are too old to enjoy it, be able to finish it all /give a shit!)
Ya know what I mean? 
Anyone? Please tell me I am not alone here...!
(oh, and did I mention that he is an anal perfectionist too? Which makes his projects, well, as close to perfect as possible. Perfect takes time & patience. He has little time-also having a demanding full time job-but lots of patience. I am the one with lots of time, but little patience. Plus I can barely hammer a nail.  So I am little to no help whatsoever, other than picking out paint colors or choosing the decor. 
and thank you, baby, for all your hard work! 

This week at 52 Photos Project,we are sharing a photo we've taken, which we have converted to 
black & white. I used the free online photo editing available at Pic Monkey.

I took this photo just a few days ago, at nearby Silver Lake. We have had many days of extremely foggy weather lately, and keep running out to the closest bodies of water to marvel at the surreal sense the fog lends to an already lovely scene. Many of the photos I have of foggy areas end up looking like they may have been shot in black & white anyway! This was taken with my Iphone, then an Instagram filter was added, and I further edited and enhanced it on Pic Monkey.

Next weeks post will be coming to you from my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, where I will arrive on Mon. 1/28 for a 17 day visit with my daughter, grandson & friends, whom I have not seen since last summer! Hope you have a wonderful week (can you believe it is almost the END of January already?!)

Til then, thanks for reading!
Happy Me-laurie Z!


  1. As you wish for yourself, I, too, wish for you.

  2. I love the photo! And as for the house-wish, I understand completely although my own situation is completely different :-) I live with my budgies, and my dream of a home is still on its way to me!

  3. I totally relate to this. My magical thinking gets the best of me sometimes and I try to will all of our projects to be completed. We just moved into the first home we have owned less than four months ago. It hasn't had a lot of love over the years - it seems just enough for it to show reasonably.

    Love your B&W photo!

  4. Beautiful photo. I'm working on house projects, too!

  5. That is a gorgeous photo! A beautiful place, too. My husband was like yours and I can't tell you how much I miss it! When we remodeled, almost everything was done, except a few little things that somehow just never rose to the top ... until we were selling the house. LOL