Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Full Wold Moon Dreamboard

I love full moons, their mystery and magic...and how almost every month (when it is now too cloudy!) their bright silvery light shines so pure through our bedroom window and wakes me up in the deep of night.

And I love calling forth my dreams every month, bringing them into being through the creation of a Full Moon Dreamboard (under the guidance and support of the wonderful Jamie Ridler), and casting them out into the universe under the power of this cosmic light.

Here is my board for January, The Full Wolf Moon, which Jamie  says asks us:

I am slowly getting used to not analyzing the images that call to me as I peruse various magazines to create my dreamboard, but rather let my heart and soul respond and choose, and pay attention as time passes to see what ideas, insights or knowledge I may glean from the pictures of what my heart is dreaming about...This month it seems to be flowers, trees, animals, outdoors,leaf, lake & sky,  a mug of something yummy, being unforgettable, loving life, being calm, poetry, soothing seas, little children, and feeling at home in the world...ahhh, such lovely sounding dreams!

What are YOU dreaming of/hungry for,  this Full Wolf Moon?

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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  1. Laurie, it's wonderful to hear how you're trusting your intuition to play a part in choosing images. The words "Love Life" popped out to me, like a message to embrace all there is to love in the month to come. I hope you enjoy every moment.

    May all of your dreams come true.