Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wish to Clear, Right Now

Hi all, how is 2013 treating you so far? Yesterday marked the last of the holiday celebrations for birthday! And no, growing up, I never felt slighted by having my birthday fall exactly 2 weeks after Christmas...I still always got plenty of special treatment, parties and gifts of the perks of being an only child! Yesterday brought me much happiness from not only all of the love,wishes and sweet little tokens of celebration I received from family and friends, but also from a wonderful afternoon spent with my hubby, enjoying a much anticipated visit to the fairly new Chihuly Garden and Glass (MAGNIFICENT!) and a luscious, leisurely lunch at their Collections Cafe. (thank you baby!) But the very best gift I received on my special day was the same one I am so happy to have been given every year for 53 years now...the blessing of another year of my amazing life!

I have yet to make good on my hopes to increase my blog writing in this New Year, but I will always be here on Wednesdays, to share two of my very favorite, necessary and positive growth personal practices,
Wishcasting Wednesday and 52 Photos Project.

This week, Jamie asks us to ponder
Oh, so many things came up as I read this weeks wish...
but I will share the one thing that has been weighing on me quite frequently lately.
I wish to clear my mind  and heart of any judgements (or other negative emotions) which hinder me from consistently sharing, showing, giving, demonstrating and being
the beacon of love I so want to be in this world.

And this week, we are sharing our photos of 
"...embracing and recognizing how each moment is a new one...
savoring the right here and now.
 let's be present - in this moment - where are you?  
The theme is wide open for interpretation...."

One of the greatly anticipated pleasures of my week is opening my front door on Sunday morning to let the doggies out for their first (of many!) trips outside, and find two stuffed plastic sleeves filled with the local Sunday newspapers waiting for me! As part of my Sunday ritual, I carefully go through each fat paper, pulling out particular sections to place into piles on the floor: news pages to read,  sales ads, coupon sections, entertainment "magazines",  the weekly tv guide, and  straight-to-the-recycling-bin. (Often, especially around holidays, that last pile is the largest!) I then snuggle up in the big comfy chair in the bay window of our bistro, soft music playing, a doggie (or two...or three!) on my lap, and a steaming mug of hubby-made latte at hand...and spend the next hour or so leisurely reading through every page of every pile, often sharing interesting or amusing  items with my husband who is seated nearby,(yes, the dogs usually beat him to the coveted chair spot next to mommy!), tearing out coupons or information I want to keep, circling sale items and perusing the tv listings to see if there is anything on during the coming week which deserves an hour of my attention! This ritual is not "new" to me, I can recall variations of it throughout my life, even as a child, when Sundays were my favorite day because my daddy and I would get up early and head out together to the store or gas station to pick up a Sunday paper, and the thick weightiness of it always brought an excitement about what interesting theretofore unknown information would be gleaned from it's many pages this week. For me, this photo very much captures a beloved "right now" moment of meaningfulness.

I hope you have a wonderful week full of meaningful moments.
Thank you for reading!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. enjoyed reading this many images remind me of my dad....I like being reminded of fond memories............. :)

  2. Laurie, As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well... Thanks for turning me onto 52 Photos Project- I am going to check that out- should be fun!

  3. Happy Birthday! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also!

  4. Beautiful wish! May it come true in the most perfect way possible!

  5. Great Post! I also love a Sunday with my paper...just as you described!

  6. Lovely post and yes I agree a leisurely read of the Sunday papers with a cup of coffee is lovely ritual for me too. Your post brought up memories for me of cozy Sunday mornings in so many different places and so many different. Yum. Thank you & Happy Birthday

  7. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also...

    And Happy Belated Birthday! xx

  8. I hope your wishes come true. I like how you connected your photo to your thoughts. It reminded me of the Sunday mornings when I'd lie on my stomach with the funnies, my sister and I swapping the two sections as each of us finished our part.

  9. I like the description of your ritual. The physical paper does still have an excitement about it, even as we become more digital.

  10. I love the flow of your mornings, Laurie.
    Thank you for sharing.