Thursday, January 3, 2013

Love & R*A*K!

Hello beautiful readers!

I hope your 2013 so far has brought you smiles, sighs and whispers of possibility!

I am on a mission this year.
A mission of love.
Pure, simple, and really, really easy.

Love is so many things.
Big and small and in between.

A hug. A kiss. A look. A touch.
A cup of coffee, a cookie, a shared bag of Goldfish crackers.
A held hand, a private joke, a few dollars where really needed and appreciated.
A lent book, a held door, an offer of an umbrella.

Love matters.

And it hurts my heart and puts a lump in my throat, and keeps me awake at night to see,
ever more increasingly,
too many examples of people experiencing too little, not enough, unfairly conditional,
(and even completely non-existent)
love in their lives. (or not. at all. ever.)

It shouldn't be that way.
Ever. For anyone, young or old or in-between.
Everyone needs love, surely as we need food, water and air.
Lack of love (I believe) is one of the most emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually damaging
experience anyone can endure.

It doesn't have to be this way.
People are reaching out, sensing that more love is never enough or too much and is always, always welcomed and needed.
Even from strangers who have never met and likely never will.
To show-share-give love,
real, true, pure love,
is not based on"who" you are, or even if you know or like someone.

Love is more than "things", it is an act, a connection, an energy.
One you can give and give and give,
and never run out of, and, in fact, increase as you share.
In yourself, in others, and in ways you may never find out about.
It can touch and heal and change lives,
and the world.

In this vein, I am so intrigued and excited at the idea of R*A*K's...
Random Acts of Kindness.
Google RAK and find examples and ideas galore.
If you have and feel and experience love in your life, why not share that most basic and glorious feeling with someone who might not?
You just never know whose life could be changed (by YOU!),
in one. small. simple. moment.

Here are a few links you to see how easy it can be to get started changing the world through
R*A*K's and just a little time, effort & love on your part:
Kindness Gang
Love Letters
Art Abandonment
Kind Over Matter (lots of lovely free affirmative printables here!)

As for me, I am concentrating on spreading the love by committing to doing several very easy and simple things: complimenting "strangers", making eye contact & smiling at more people when I'm out & about, saying a heartfelt thank you to others for any and all deed, favor or helpfulness done for me-no matter how seemingly small, and "upping" my online presence to spread supportive, positive, loving messages, through my blog and Facebook page (ie: no more complaining or snarkiness in status posts or comments!). Lately I have also spent time online finding beautiful messages and affirmations,and am also using my artwork and photos paired with uplifting, loving quotes to print out, carry in my purse, and leave everywhere I go,
EVERY day!

Here are a few of mine you can copy, paste, print & share too!
photo of original mixed media artwork
(words added at

photo of original mixed media & words

Just think, one small piece of paper with an image and/or just words,
left in a random place, for someone to come across could have the power to change someones day, outlook, even life.
That's the power of love.
We all have the power to be that change, that influence, that force for good,
 in simple, small ways which could have huge, life impacting positive effects.

Do you "do" R*A*K's? Do you have ideas, links, art to share?
Please do. Thank you!

The world and everyone, EVERY one in it,
 needs more love, needs to know someone cares, and that they matter.
Now more than ever it seems.

Thank you for reading, hope you have a love filled day.

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Love the idea of carrying your artwork and inspiring quotes around and leaving them to be found -- you're spreading sunshine all over the place -- brava!

  2. Love your buttons, very cute indeed! Great message to about love and it's importance, will try and have a look at your links that you posted too. Thanks, Louise

  3. I think you have really inspired me to be kinder and more loving. I do fine online when I'm all comfy, but in person, out and about, I know that I often come off as distant to strangers so more smiles, compliments, and kindness this year!
    It goes well with my word of the year "shine"!

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