Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wednesday Wish & Full Super Moon Dreaming!

Hello friends! I'm a little bit behind for my weekly post, but here nonetheless! ;)

This past Wednesday was wishing time once again at Jamie Ridler Studios, and this week we are asked:

"How do you wish to nurture the creative within?"
{and oh my, what a perfectly timely wish for me, as I have long been neglecting my creativity for various reasons mostly which are honestly just plain old fear cloaked in lame excuses...!}
I wish to nurture the creative within by setting and sticking to a daily schedule  personal goal  DEMAND (!) to take time EVERY! DAY! to work on creating SOMEthing! I wish to ADORE, HONOR and EXPRESS my creativity, in all of its wonderous, varied, illuminating, insightful, intimate and unique forms! I wish to hold my inner artists nervous, shaking, unsteady hand, look into her wide-with-uncertainty eyes, and soothe her longing, wildly hopeful and terrified heart with words of support and encouragement, saying
"I believe in you. 
You can do this. You must do this. 
Let it out, let it go, let it flow. 
Be the creator you are meant to be. 
Let your heart and voice and dreams and visions be released,
 come to life and free into the world."

 Also this week, I want to share the June Full (SUPER!) Strawberry Moon dreamboard I created, also with the guidance of Jamie Ridler.

This month's full moon asks
"What delights are you dreaming of?"

Wishing you a beautiful Summer Solstice and full moon blessings...such a magical weekend this is!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. A lovely, natural board. I hope your dreams come true this month.

  2. Your board is filled with natural brilliance, free and lively, colorful and joyous. I love 'tis.