Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Return & Wishes!

Hello once again from the land of I-can't-seem-to-keep-up-with-my-blog, lol!
It's been a whirlwind past few months, with several out-of-state trips (and weddings!), major dental work, enjoying special summer activities, beginning our deck rebuilding, EncaustiCamp, and some unforeseen family "stuff"...!     I'm just now trying to get back into the "swing" of "normal" life and start blogging and "arting" (and breathing!) again!

First, I have to share...
My daughter Kaelyn's wedding to her fiance Jake (July 21) was such an incredibly lovely experience for everyone, truly one of the happiest days of my life! The day-and those leading up to it-were filled with laughter, tender moments, friendship, connection, craziness, and of course, so very much love. I am one blessed mama to have a daughter who is so beautiful, inside and out. I cherish our relationship as mother-daughter and as close friends, and wish her and Jake a lifetime of love and contentment together!

Kaelyn and Jake share their vows, with their friend Kelsey officiating

Jeff and I with Kaelyn, Jake and Ryatt

Today is Wednesday, and that means it's time to make some wishes with Jamie!

First, I'm going to catch up with past wishes I have missed in all the excitement around here which kept me from blogging for the past 6 weeks or so!
(*special note*... big hugs to dear Jamie on the recent loss of her beloved mom)

June 19- How do you wish to nurture the creative within?
I wish to nurture my creative within by allowing time EVERY DAY to express myself creatively, and shower myself with encouragement, acceptance, and loving kindness( instead of fear and doubt) around my creative expression and ability.
One of the mixed media collages I recently completed

Aug. 7-What simple pleasures do you wish to enjoy?
I wish to enjoy the simple pleasures of sunshine, fresh air, green trees, blooming flowers and whiling away these lovely summer days with plenty of time spent in idle daydreaming bliss.
I created this for a Lectio Divina practice of the Mary Oliver poem "When I Am Among the Trees"

Today's wish-Aug. 14: What do you wish to wake up to?
I wish to (continue to!) wake up to my wonderful husband by my side, the gorgeous green of the tall trees surrounding our home visible out our bedroom window, and our three beloved fur-babies next to well as a peaceful and contented  heart, full of gratefulness for all of the blessings we are gifted with every single day.

That's all for today! Thanks for reading, have a beautiful day filled with simple wishes come true!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Lovely wishes, I can especially relate to be grateful to all the gifts we are blessed with. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also!

  2. Beautiful wishes and pictures! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too!

  3. Wonderful wishes! As you wish for yourself, so do I wish as well. ♥