Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Breaking Rules Wish

Happy Wednesday! Today for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks:


The first thing that came to my mind was to break rules of art when I create...but, as I have never really had any formal art education or instruction (save for a few recent classes), I have no IDEA what "the rules" of any art mediums even ARE! ;)

So then I quickly realized that the rules I wish to break are the "rules" most commonly associated with (ahem...) "women of a certain age"...which of COURSE if you know me, you KNOW I do NOT agree with/prescribe to (m)any of the usual ones, lol! 
I do realize that I am no longer of the age that I can "get by" with anything & everything...but I definitely do NOT ascribe to the adage that I should act, look, dress, or feel "a certain way" or "like" my age. And honestly, the older I get, the less I even care what others think about pretty much ANYthing I do!

 I know, I have thus far successfully avoided actually stating that "certain" age, lol!  I will be 54 in a few months...but honestly, I admit (and friends will certainly agree) that I act and feel more like about...oh...19 or so?! Now obviously, I know I don't look or even (thankfully!) dress like a 19 year old, but I  don't think that I look or dress like the *average* 54 year old! Age is just a number-I have always believed that, and even more so as I age, because I know it to be true in my personal experience!

So...I wish to continue to be healthy, happy and wise enough to break as many rules as I can which are associated (in a negative way!) with (advancing) age!

What rules do YOU wish to break?
Have a great rest of your week!
Happy Me-Laurie Z

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  1. Love this times a million!!!

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

    ...and I'll be 42 in Oct and wore my teenage sons' too small vans shoes on my date this past Sunday ;)