Wednesday, September 4, 2013

History Wish

Today for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us:

"What of your history do you wish to remember?"

Like most everyone, there is much, too much, of my history that I would like to forget. That I try to forget. That I would like to never think about again. That I would prefer to have never even happened at all. That I struggle every single day to not allow to affect my present life in a negative way.

But truthfully, as hard as it is to admit...
I wish to remember how my history of hard times, challenges, struggles, sorrows, disappointments, abuse, all of the bad things and times...ALONG WITH the good times...

Made me who I am. Helped shaped my inner being. Created the person I was meant to be. Gave me strength, perspective, and experience.

 I would not be who I am, where I am, if not for my history, both the good AND the bad. 
This is the absolute truth for us all. I realize that this truth can "go either way" for any given person.
I wish to remember that my history is meant to make me the best possible version of myself. 
Regardless and due to.

Happy Me-Laurie Z


  1. Yes, as I was reading the other posts I was thinking how each started with, "there's so much to *not* remember, but..." Remember the bad to fully appreciate the good. As you wish for yourself, so do I wish as well.

  2. In my case, there is so much I do not remember, I am working on writing the things I do remember, good and bad, and once they are on paper I can meet them head-on.
    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also... ~*~Love & Light~*~

  3. There is much that I have actually blocked out...years that I can't remember because they were so bad. But there is so much in there that was good because there is, as you say, little that is all bad.

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too!

  4. How powerful this is "I wish to remember that my history is meant to make me the best possible version of myself." Yes! Thank you. As you wish for your self, so I too wish for you as well!

  5. Brave wish full of power and grace which I also share with you... As you wish for yourself I wish for you as well.