Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Someone I Love & A Wish To Claim

This week for Gallery 27 of 52 Photos Project, we are sharing photos of  "Someone I Love"...and oh how this challenge was both easy and hard for me! EASY because I am so lucky to have so many "someones" who I love, and HARD because, well, for the same reason, lol!

I finally decided to share a photo of someone who I MORE than love (moms know there is definitely such a thing, lol!), and though I have TWO of these "someones" (my daughter and son),  I chose to share a fave photo of my 25 year old son Trevor (and BONUS, this pic also includes another little someone I love madly, my 4 year old grandson Ryatt!) because I haven't seen my beloved second born since last June...almost 5 whole months! This makes me very sad, BUT we are in close frequent contact, have a great relationship, I know he is ok and that we have plans to see one another again after the holidays...all great blessings compared to what many other parents may have in regards to their kids (of any age, for many reasons).

two of my "main men" chillin' at the splash playground last summer!

And this week for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us:


I wish to claim that
(This is/has been so so hard for me to actually say/think/believe for so long! I'm not yet sure if I am ACTUALLY claiming this, or wishing to claim this!...But  in any case, THERE, I SAID IT! And that is a pretty big deal for me!)

Have a wonder-filled week!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Go Laurie! Big step. :)
    As Laurie wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  2. Awesome! As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you!

  3. it is a blessing to have many "someones" great shot of your son and grandson!!!