Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Treats & Celebration!

This week for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us:
WHAT TREATS DO YOU WISH FOR? the spirit of the season, I have increasingly become a "sucker" for the treats of PUMPKIN FLAVORED THINGS! (except actual pumpkin pie, which I am NOT a fan of! Go figure!) My best friend and I have an annual ongoing tradition (2 years and running, basically since we both got "smart" phones with instant photo sharing ability!) of seeking out and sharing the best (or most ridiculous, as it often seems!) pumpkin flavored/scented things we come across as we are out and about! I have to say that the majority of our finds will NEVER make it into my shopping cart, much less my mouth and tummy...but we have discovered some yummy pumpkin treats in our searching & sharing!

Here is my latest pumpkin food obsession, which was found at Costco...I know I know, sounds kinda weird but WOW! They are so yummy (& addictive!) My sweet hubby stocked up on 3 more giant bags since we likely won't find them again until next year...and these will be gone before Thanksgiving at the rate I'm going!

And how could I resist trying THIS? (so glad I didn't, it is heavenly- in scent and feel!)

And here is the most amazingly delish and easy pumpkin bread-also found at Costco during the season (which of course I ONLY make between Oct. 1 - Nov. 30!).
TIP: Ditto like the Costco items-if you like it, stock up...they may or may not carry it again next year!
(SECRET) TIP: Add a handful (or two!) of Hersheys cinnamon chips (to enhance irresistible-ness of eating a piece at every meal and for in-between meal snacks! You've been warned...!)

I will refrain from sharing the worst of the pumpkin finds with you right now...maybe next fall!

And this week for Gallery 28 of the 52 Photos Project, we are sharing photos which express
This was easy for me, as I just returned from an AMAZING retreat called Soul Sisters (which is a whole giant post in itself!) and while there with 51 other incredible women, I experienced and witnessed countless moments of celebrating ourselves and one another! I attempted to refrain from removing myself from the grace of the presence by not documenting every amazing moment (and thus be reduced to watching the magic unfold via my iPhone screen) but I did capture a few lovely images, and think that this one is perfect for this week's prompt of CELEBRATION! This was during an exercise which the lovely artist and "possibilitarian" Kelly Rae Roberts encouraged us to do...create a word, line or phrase which speaks to our heart and soul and claim it as our own by marking our bodies with it in paint...which was done by another "soul sister" (and us to them!) This photo shows my (newly met!) friend Kimberly writing my phrase (which took up both of my arms when completed!) and said:
To me, this is definitely a way to celebrate myself, and this declaration I made is cause for CELEBRATION!

Thank you for reading, please feel free to share some TREATS and moments of CELEBRATION here with me if you'd like to!
Hope you have a fun Samhain!
(or Halloween or All Souls Day or whatever you call it if you celebrate this time of the season!)

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. your blog speaks about a happy you, a reason to celebrate!

  2. That's a completely unique photo and celebration. =)

  3. LOVE your temporary tattoo picture and everything that it represents for you. What a great experience to have. Such a great capture for celebration.