Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wishes & Desserts!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Tomorrow is my very favorite holiday! Although the rest of our clan of loved ones all live far away (and are much missed tomorrow & EVERYday!), I always happily anticipate sharing a simple, quiet, intimate, yet full of food, games and fun day (four days, in fact!) with my hubby and our three furbabies, celebrating our grateful hearts for a life so abundant with blessings!

Today for Wishcasting Wednesday (the very last one Jamie will be doing in this weekly format, *sniff*sniff*!), we are asked, simply...

I wish for my life to continue to be as graced with abundant blessings as it is right now, and for everyone, everywhere, to know this same abundance.

And for Gallery 32 at 52 Photos Project, Bella asks us to share one of the highlights of every Thanksgiving feast:
But...since I really wanted to get my blog posted today, this photo is NOT of a (no) turkey (I'm vegetarian) day dessert...but rather of a ridiculously giant (and delicious!) dessert I had (ALL TO MYSELF!) while on a recent retreat at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale Oregon. It is called the Black & Tan Brownie, and it was some kind of supper yummy melt-in-your-mouth sugar sweet OVERLOAD! (NO, I did NOT finish it...and let me tell you, it was TOUGH to know I was wasting even one single BITE of this incredible dessert! I should have known better than to order this on top of a Hammerhead Garden Burger, salad and bottle of brew!!)

Hoping YOUR week is filled with wishes-come-true... AND desserts!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. That is one yummy looking dessert! Those would make great quilt colors together.

  2. Delish looking dessert! As you wish for yourself, Laurie, so do I wish as well. ♥

  3. Our McMinnville McMennamins (say that 3 x fast!!) Hotel Oregon serves those - In my 'gluey' days I've had em ... mmmm!! Those ARE yummy quilt or crafting colours, hmm.
    Yes, sad to see this incarnation of wishcrafting Wed transitioning, too!!