Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Wish & Holiday Traditions

Double duty Wednesday post coming up today!

For the Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon we are making a WISH today!
our sweet Maxie boy, alert and happy on one of his good days! 
Some of you may know that we have 3 beloved Basset Hounds, and that our oldest boy Max 
(13 and a half), was diagnosed with a fatal heart tumor in September, and also injured himself with a fall down the stairs a few weeks ago. He is pretty tough but has had his good and not so good days lately, 
which is to be expected considering everything...
Of course I would like to wish that he would be with us forever...but I know that is impossible.
So my wish is that he continues to have more good days than not good and when the day comes that this
is not so, and his not good days are really bad, I wish for him a calm, quiet passing from this world, wrapped in our loving embrace.

Also (on a much lighter note!) today for Gallery 35 of the 52 Photos Project, we are sharing our images of our
(I was going to share our tradition of cutting our tree from our wooded property each year, which is often 
a rather humorous event, but then I thought of this tradition of ours which is far more amusing and unique...!)

I'm pretty *into* thrift store shopping. Some might use the term "addicted". But I have lots of really cool, unique, and *cheap* stuff because of my addiction bargain hunting abilities. One happens to be a life size plastic baby Jesus from one of those outdoor light up nativity sets. I came across him at a local charity thrift store a few years ago, all alone, seemingly abandoned, not swaddled whatsoever! I couldn't think too hard about the fate of the rest of the gang, because it was just too fine of a line between sad and weird to ponder why baby J would be all by his lonesome at a thrift store. I mean, it's better than in a dumpster or out at the curb for trash pick up, but it seems to me that like there should be some sort of more "official" procedure for the disposal of the messiah, plastic or not. But hey, I'm a pagan so what do I know about that kind of stuff? Anyway, I did know that there was no way I could NOT get this practically nekky son of god out of that (godforsaken...heh heh!) place and to his new home with heretics like hubby & me, 
where he would undoubtedly have a LOT more fun!
Thus was born our holiday tradition of the often hilarious, sometimes startling game of

(Yeah, sort of like that Elf on a Shelf thing, only way less creepy if you ask me!) And btw, hubby is "winning" so far this season! I really think that the annointed one has so much fun being out of that mangy manger and in silly places for a month out of the year that he doesn't mind being in a box with ornaments, wrapping paper and cards for the other 11 months! He probably needs that long nap after all of his adventures!

Have a great last week before the big deal day!
Happy Me, Laurie.


  1. "As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also." .... peace, peace to your beloved basset hound.

    and the baby Jesus ... oh my ... LOL.

    So I am no longer a practicing Christian so I passed along the nativity set last year to my second oldest daughter (she still finds Christianity beautiful and life giving ) She posted a photo on instagram of it last week and wrote, apparently, I have lost my baby Jesus. Well, I had found the figurine a few weeks before and had forgotten to tell her so I replied, "we have your baby Jesus" and immediately thought, "well, that sounded creepy." ... she replied, "I see that as it should be spelled out with cut out letters like a ransom note" LOL!

  2. A sweet wish, and as you wish for yourself Laurie so I wish for you also. And I'm laughing at your "rescue" and tradition, as well as Cynthia's ransom-note worthy response to her daughter.

  3. OMG I am rolling on the floor laughing about the baby Jesus. XD And your poor little puppy! (Because they are always puppies, aren't they?) Lots of healing & Good Days for Max. ♥ As you wish for yourself, Laurie, so do I wish for you as well. ♥

  4. This is HILARIOUS!!! Well I'm glad you adopted baby Jesus because he is sure having a lot more fun at your place than he might be having elsewhere! As you wish for your sweet baby dog, I wish for him also.