Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kickin' It Day 19-In My Bag

Today for Day 19 of the Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon, we are sharing
Well, I never call it my "bag", (unless it is the biggest purse I can get by with as a carry-on when flying, lol!), always my purse. And contrary to the fact that I own over 50 purses (it's a thrift store item obsession!), I really do not at all care for actually having to carry & be responsible for a purse. In fact, during the first few years (early 2000's) of me being with my (now) hubby, he had a habit of carrying a travel-like, satchel, messenger bag, carry all thingie (yes, a man purse, if you must name it, though we preferred to call it a "manchel" (man satchel!), which happily gave me the opportunity to reverse roles and be the one to say to him things like "oh hon, could you just stick this (lip stuff, coin purse,ID, sunglasses, camera, candy bar, water bottle, keys, comb, etc. ) in your man purse manchel for me, please?"...and viola!, I was free of the burden of purse carrying! His man purse manchel is a thing of the past now (along with most of the clothing he had (since high school!) when we moved in together, lol!), so it's back to me being the purse carrier. 
He doesn't seem to miss his man purse manchel, and swears that women have an extra bone on our shoulder which holds a purse strap in place better anyway, lol! And sometimes I still pawn things off on him to carry in the pockets of his coat, hee hee!
So anyway, although I always love a cute accessory, which a purse can definitely be,I am not one of those who carries everything but the kitchen sink in her purse!
one of my best thrift store purse finds-this Kate Spade cherry purse! Real or fake, I don't know or care,
 I think it is adorable regardless...especially for two bucks! (Google image photo)
Here are 10 things that are pretty much staples in my purse (unless I am using one of my tiny but cute ones for a special occasion, which only my ID and  #'s 2 & 5 would fit in!)

1. My wallet with ID, credit card and other important cards (such as my Starbucks card, Panera card, library card, and Value Village Member card!) Oh, and occasionally there may be a small bit of cash in there too!

2. My lip "stuff" (aka: "Mentholatum Natural Ice Cherry Lip Protectant")

3. My sunglasses!!! (I freak out if I accidentally go out without them...even though there are months when a glimpse of the sun is a rare thing around here, that just means we need eye protection even more when it DOES make an appearance!) 

4. My 6 x 8 spiral bound daily page planner/datebook (or my "bible" as hubby refers to it!)

5. My phone (although it is more often in my back pocket if I am wearing jeans!)

6. A snack of some sort (right now it is a Trader Joe's "This Pumpkin Walks Into A Bar" bar and a square of Ghiradelli's caramel filled chocolate)

7. My keychain...which has  like 6 cute dangly charm baubles on it and only two keys, lol!

8. A small hairbrush

9. A nail file

10. My glasses (which I am supposed to wear 24/7 but really only wear for reading!)

And that's pretty much all that's ever in there, unless I happen to end up collecting some additional crap...of my husbands, lol!

Thanks for reading!
Happy Me, Laurie.


  1. Super-fun post, Laurie! I love the back and forth with your hubby about carrying stuff. Nice to share the load over the years. And nice thrift store find! Sweet!

  2. this made me laugh ;) I am always asked by my hubby as well to carry everything that he needs and now my twin toddlers. What is really mine in my purse now?! :)

  3. I don't understand the lots-of-shoes and lots-of-purses habit a lot of women have, but it always makes me laugh. I have one purse until it falls apart and I really have to get another. And shoes.. nah, I couldn't care less as long as they fit and feel good. :)

  4. Fun post. And no doubt life is better with a cherry purse. ;-) Nice find!