Monday, December 2, 2013

Kickin' It day 2-Time Capsule

For day 2 of Kickin' It Old Skool today, we are painting a picture in time...
of us & our lives in this moment, this place...right here, right now...

A Time Capsule: 

What are you reading?
LOTS in my reading pile right now, including...
*The Meaning of Mary Magdalene-Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Christianity        by Cynthia Bourge
*No Happy Cows-Dispatched from the Frontlines of the Food revolution                                               by John Robbins
*Finding Inner Courage by Mark Neop
*The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
*Zealot -The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan
*Running With Nature by Mariel Hemmingway & Bobby Williams

What are you watching?
*We have been watching through the 4 DVD's of the extended "Hobbit-An Unexpected Journey" which I got hubby for his recent birthday! 
*AND, we haven't started yet, but it's time to start watching our favorite holiday movies and cartoons!

What are you listening to? 
*Since about a week BEFORE Thanksgiving, almost all day & night, we have been playing quiet, calm holiday/winter themed music on Pandora! Our fave "station" is called Peaceful Holidays.

What are you loving?
*Believe it or not, the darker and shorter days! (I love the valid excuse to snuggle up with a book and latte at 2 pm!)
*The scents of my favorite Yankee Candles I only burn at this time of the year: Mistletoe, Balsam & Cedar, Sparkling Snow & Snow Angel!

What are you wearing?
*Flannel plaid pj bottoms, Bear Paws slippers, pink & brown striped socks, black thermal long sleeve tee, striped zip-up hoodie! (obviously I did not leave my house today, lol!)

What are you creating?
*A few little holiday crafts/decorations, like a little "countdown" thingie made from paint sample triangle trees tied onto a llittle tree branch,  with holiday questions on the back for hubby & I to share answers to every day until Christmas!
*Also excitedly preparing to create my end of the year ritual explorations using:
 Word of the Year for 2014
2014 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook,
and Unravelling The Year Ahead

What are you looking forward to?
*The getting colder every day weather, with the anticipation of that first magical morning of waking to a surprise snowfall!
*Celebrating the Winter Solstice!
*My trip "home" for two weeks to see my "babies" & friends in early January!

Thanks for reading-see you tomorrow!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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  1. I need to pick a word for next year and focus on it. I loved reading your time capsule!