Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kickin' It Day 24-Holiday Disasters!

Can you believe that I've blogged for 24 days straight in the Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon?! Woot woot! Today we are sharing tales of our HOLIDAY DISASTERS!

The first one that comes to my mind is from a Thanksgiving about 12 or 13 years ago, when I decided to make my very first ever actual whole turkey & all the trimmings Thanksgiving dinner for me & my kids (and I think there were a few of their friends joining us too...my memory is fuzzy though I'm sure my kids would recall every detail, especially my daughter, who reminded me of this very story this past Thanksgiving!) It's not as bad as it potentially could have been, considering I am by my own admission, no "Martha Stewart", but surprisingly, this is not a sad story about a botched turkey...the bird turned out beautifully...well, as beautiful as a dead baked bird can be (this was obviously my pre-vegetarian days!). No, this sad story of mine involves homemade mashed potatoes...and a  large white plastic mixing bowl...and an accidentally-left- turned-on electric burner. Yes. That happened. We were loading up our plates buffet style, from the stove top and adjoining counter area, when said daughter noticed a gooey stringy blob of ??? hanging off her spoon as she scooped up a hunk of mashed potatoes.
 White plastic bowl full of white mashed potatoes + hot burner = 
a holiday disaster I will never live down!
(and hopefully will never manage to top!)
That was my first-and only-foray into preparing the traditional turkey day feast...and I try to focus on the fact that my very first attempt at roasting a turkey was a huge success! 
At least THIS didn't happen!
(But the Tofurkey I make for Thanksgiving now is still much easier, lol!)
My daughter, however, remains more impressed amused by my overall lack of kitchen skills. 
I'd love to hear YOUR holiday FAILS! (if only to share with my daughter...who will always be much more of a Domestic Goddess than her mother...!)

Thanks for reading, have a lovely Christmas Eve!
Happy Me, Laurie.

P.S. OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe that I completely forgot about the Christmas Eve (1995, I think) when a votive candle burning in a glass holder in our bathroom burst and caught the bathroom on fire and my kids were little ( 10 & 7) and my mom and 80-something year old grandma were over to open gifts and my daughter smelled something weird and when I opened the bathroom door black smoke poured out so I immediately shut the door again and ran back into the living room yelling for everyone to GET OUT!(and my grandma was all worried about getting her purse and wanted to go into the other room to get it, lol!) but we just grabbed our dog and ran sock-footed in the snow over to our neighbors house to call 911...!!! The firemen came and broke out a window to get into the bathroom, where they discovered NO ACTUAL FLAMES, but since the house was old and the window sill had layers and layers of paint on it, the hot flowing wax just smoldered and smoked and the room was ENTIRELY COVERED IN BLACK SOOT, including INSIDE every bottle of shampoo, medicine, perfume, etc. The room was later deemed totally destroyed and a disaster recovery company had to come out and clean up as best they could, which involved tossing EVERY. SINGLE. THING! Happy ending? We were all ok. (and insurance coverage paid for a remodel of the bathroom!)
Now I gotta go...and check on the 4 candles burning in my house right now! ;)

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  1. Oh my goodness! This didn't happen on a holiday, but I turned on the oven at my stepmum and dad's once to warm it for something i was heating up and after a little while noticed this horrible smell. turned out my step mum stored the dogs plastic food and water bowls in the oven when they weren't there (this was a 2nd home) and they'd melted!
    happy holidays!