Monday, December 23, 2013

Kickin' It Day 23-Books!

Today for Day 23 of the  Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon, we are talking about BOOKS WE LOVE!
So this one is kind of difficult for me, just like the movie & music prompt days were!
.I'm a bit of a book-a-holic. As an only child, if you ask me what my favorite toy was as a child, I will always answer books (and possibly also my dog, stuffed animals and Barbies). An exciting date night for hubby & me is to spend a few hours at our beloved bookstore. It's not at all unusual for us to spend hours in our library, and my list of "special order/on reserve" books there is usually at the limit of 50 (with a waiting list). I order used books from Amazon an average of 3 times a month. I try (usually unsuccessfully) to make myself avoid the book section at thrift stores. And before my grandson was even a year old, my daughter implored me "please, don't get him anymore books for now, mom!" And did I mention the 8 or so shelves of books we have in various locations of our home, plus the stack of art books out in my studio?!
So...books I love? Yes, there are many. But as with movies, few are kept and re-read as anything like a "classic" for me. The main ones we own are reference type, historical, "coffee table" or art related books, plus a few "spiritually" themed reads. Otherwise, as with movies,I read it, and pretty much move on to the next one. But I will just share a few of my always-on-the-shelf faves:

Anything by Gabrielle BernsteinMarianne WilliamsonDeepak Chopra, and Michael Bernard Beckwith.

For fiction, I always love Elizabeth Berg & Alice Hoffman.

I also love books about faeries, history, architecture, spiritual, nature, travel, crafts, photography/art, ancient mysteries, gnomes, vintage/flea market, lighthouses, weather, etc!

And I am cracking up as I finish this post because I had to stop writing it for awhile because hubby & I decided to make a run to our library to pick up the 8 items I just got email notice about having come in for me! This time only 2 books but 6 DVD's! The books were:
"Tiny Buddha's Guide to Loving Yourself-40 Ways to Transform Your Inner Critic and Your Life"-
by Lori Deschene and  "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible - by Charles Eisenstein

What are YOU reading these days?
(besides my blog, hee hee!)

Thanks for being here!
Happy Me, Laurie.

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