Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kickin' It Day 7-One Sentence Saturday!

(a day late but hey, it's the weekend and I don;t know about you, but nothing is ever "on schedule" for me, especially during these two days!)

For Day 7 of the Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon, Jamie & Shannon ask us to

"As best you can, capture your day in one sentence!"

Today was a fun filled, interesting, inspiring 
and exhilarating confirmation of why 
I love living here!

(And in case you're curious about what this actually means, here is a recap of my day!
Hubby dropped me off at the nearby "Park & Ride" where I took the bus (yay for safe, affordable, convenient public transit for this one car couple!) into downtown Seattle (about 17 miles North of where we live), to attend the bi-annual always awesome handmade/upcycled/arts & crafts extravaganza known as the Urban Craft Uprising! After arriving at Westlake center downtown, I took the 51 year old Seattle Monorail over to Seattle Center where the show was. Even though it was pretty dang cold out (for here at least!) and there was a 25 minute long wait to get in (with about 500 people there well before doors opened!), I stood in the sort of warming sunshine and took in the sight of so many varied expressions of self and hair and jewelry and fashion amongst the other attendees in line which was so lovely & interesting! So that was an hour or so of browsing through over 100 booths for an awesome overload of cute, cool, crazy, creative and drool worthy creations! Afterwards, I went into the Armory at Seattle Center, enjoying a few songs by local young girls choirs who were performing onstage, while I ate a scrumptious Harvest Veggie hand pie from Pie for lunch. After filling my tummy with yummy, I wandered around the "base" of The Space Needle, which is basically a huge retail area filled to the brim with Space Needle "souvenirs"  and locally produced items. Then I took the Monorail back to Westlake Center, where I shopped at a few of my favorite places-LUSHFireworksDaisoAnthropologie, Urban Outfitters, All Saints, and the 3 story Forever 21! Then I walked about 8 blocks to nearby Belltown to check out the winter edition of the Punk Rock Flea Market! I have been a vendor at this event in the past but this year just came as a shopper, and as usual, it was a festive rockin' event, filled-with-fun & funky handmades the likes of which you won't see anywhere else! On my return walk back to Westlake, the sun had just set, and there was an amazingly bright golden glow on the Puget Sound waters of Elliot Bay, just a few blocks away, which was just stunning to see! I made an unexpected stop along my short walk, at Cupcake Royale, to indulge in a decadent scoop of salted caramel ice cream! I also got 2cupcakes to go-salted caramel (their best seller!) for me and tirimisu for my hubby (who stayed home working today!)...PLUS a free sample spoonful of hot buttered salted caramel & peanuts ice cream...and let me just say three words: *OH!*MY!*GOODNESS!* Although it sounded rather icky to me, I am glad I let the sweet young man behind the counter coercer me into trying it, it was every bit of amazing as he claimed it would be! Upon my return to the Westlake center area, I walked around a few blocks to take in the special sights of the season-the big corner window of Nordstroms where Santa was greeting his fans (after a two hour wait, much of it out in the cold!), the decorated department store windows, the various street performers, the huge decorated tree and beautiful Macy's star, the carousel and the light covered, yarn bombed canopy of trees in the square area. 
By this time, I had been "adventuring" for over 7 hours and was getting cold & tired and missing my little family, so I hopped on a bus and headed home! Our evening together was spent enjoying a nice dinner, then sharing a bottle of wine while watching "Polar Express"! 
SO... can you see why my day could only be described as being
a fun filled, interesting, inspiring 
and exhilarating confirmation of why 
I love living here!

Thanks for reading-I hope your Saturday brought you lots of happy fun too!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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