Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kickin' It Day 8-Where I Blog!

Today for Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon, we're sharing where we blog!
So, although I know one exists, I cannot seem to find a photo of me actually sitting at my laptop, where I blog! (amazing, since I seem to spend about 7 hours a day in this spot!) So I will just describe and share some photos of the room where I blog!
I have a studio out in our garage where I do most of my art creating, but I like to be computer-access-free when I am working on my art. So a few years ago, hubby & I turned an pretty much unused room just off our kitchen (meant to be a dining room?) into our very own "wine and coffee bistro", which has become our being online/working on our laptop space! (when we mention this room to people in conversation, they often think we actually own a bistro as a business, lol!) It's a fairly small room, but that just makes it cozy, like a favorite little coffeehouse! We took months hand-building the wall archways, choosing just the right wallpaper, unique ceiling fan, wall paint colors, floor lamp, area rug, wall decorations (including quite a few of my own coffee & wine themed photos, matted & framed all pretty!), and furnishings! The bay window affords a lovely view of our woods surrounded yard and little waterfall garden pond, and holds a (Craigslist acquired!) comfy and plum colored chaise lounge (which we refer to as the princess throne!), with a small vintage phone table stand (also from Craigslist!) next to it. This is where we love to cuddle up with a book (and more often than not, a one to three dog blanket on our laps!) and cuppa latte or glass of wine, often being lulled to sleep by the sound of the soft steady rain outside. Also in the room is a room dividing 25 cubicle Ikea shelving unit, (also a Craigslist deal!), filled with a (thrift store found) collection of vintage teapots and coffee carafes, along with dozens of books. A pretty natural stone slab tile topped bistro table with two tall chairs, (you guessed it-a Craigslist find!), is "laptop central' for me & hubby. Also in the room is a "buffet" which holds bottles of wine, glasses and wine accessories (and is from Dania, not CL, haha!). We almost always have music from a fave Pandora station playing on nearby speakers, and a scented candle or "tarts"  burning nearby (right now it's Balsam & Cedar and Sparkling Snow...we should own stock in Yankee Candle, lol!) All in all, it's a beautiful space we created together, and is our very favorite room in our house. We spend a LOT of time in there-me especially, as I work, play and connect online!
Here are a few photos of the room, taken right after we finished it!

this pic was taken before we got "the princess throne, and you can see our old chair in the left of this pic...
so I took this one tonight...notice that Annabelle is the current "princess"!

this is where I picture a laptop on the table!

hubby's spot!

and now the entire bottom row of this shelving unit is filled with books and there are grape lights and other wall decos above it!!

Hope you've enjoyed a peek into where I blog!

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!
Happy Me-LaurieZ!


  1. I love the idea of having your own in-house wine & coffee bistro. What a great idea! Now there are two "must-have" rooms I need to create - a library and a bistro. Super idea! And love the space you and your husband created!