Friday, January 3, 2014

"Roots"-A Beginning

Starting on January 1st, I began participating in Root: A 30 Day Journal Project.
I have wanted to begin a daily journaling practice since, well, probably since the last time I actually HAD this daily practice, which was years and years (and years!) ago. I first remember beginning writing in a little lock & key diary when I was around 8 years old, and wrote pretty faithfully in many more diaries and journals until around age 20. The words contained in those tomes were released to a thorough dowsing of water and unceremonious dumping into a black plastic trash bag when my then teen-aged daughter got too curious and I decided she didn't really need to know EVERYthing her mom thought and felt (and did!) when she was her age...! I also felt the need to just let go of so much past negative memories and tumultuous emotions. In the years between being 20-something and now (fifty-something!), I tended to journal here and there, now and then, off and on, hit and miss...never a "real" practice, never the connection to my true self I felt it could be, wasting so much time with the same years long desire/ intention/need/hope to make daily writing as second nature and necessary morning latte! (hee hee!) So, here I am, not only finding ways to make my daily blogging practice more likely (by using prompts) but also "super charging" this desire by committing to a daily journaling practice as well...which, if I make it through these 30 days, I hope to continue on a daily basis!

Today I'm sharing a little bit of my Day 3 experience of Roots.
"Cultivate the roots, the branches and leaves will take care of themselves."~Confucius
Roots grounded in Earth
Heavenbound branches grow leaves
A purpose fulfilled

Thanks for being here,
Happy Me, Laurie.

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  1. Love the drawing, Laurie! So glad you are do the Roots prompts, too... and I totally identify with your words about keeping journals. Still have mine -- though every single time we move and I have to crate up that mondo cedar chest that is full of the journals, I wonder why I still have them :) <3