Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gallery 44-Mint

This week for Gallery 44 of the 52 PhotosProject, the prompt for our photos is MINT...
I have to admit that my first reaction upon reading this prompt was a resounding 'EWWWWW!!!" Yeah, I am in the minority of people who HATE! MINT! I cannot stomach mint in any way, shape or form...toothpaste, in tea, ice cream, gum, julep. Oh, except that I do like the smell of fresh growing mint. Not essential oil or candles or ANYTHING ELSE. Just fresh growing. Go figure.
Anyway, then I thought, well, mint ALSO could mean the color (which I love!) or even as in condition...right?! So I browsed through my images with a little bit more open mind than my initial thought of "EWWWWW"! This is the photo I decided to share...depicting a mint colored door (& window frame) of an old motel unit.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!
Happy Me, Laurie.


  1. Visiting from the 52 Photos Project...very classic image! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. of all colors, it's violet that i despise much for food. any food with this color is not food for me.

    but mint, it is such a refreshing color for me. :)

  3. A good photo for "mint" color. I never even considered "mint condition".