Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gallery 52-Clouds

This week for Gallery 52 of 52 Photos Project, we are sharing photos of CLOUDS!
OH1  One of my very favorite things in this beautiful world, clouds! Oftentimes, I will say to my husband, "it;s such a BIG SKY day!", meaning the sky and clouds are just so enormous and enthralling and unfathomably breathtaking, rendering us measly humans so microscopic and unnoticed in the scope of nature! I am lucky to have lived in three places where "big sky" days are plentiful-the Midwest (Missouri), Washington state (where I live now and relish the ever-changing cloudy skies!) and the Gulf Coast of southern Florida state, where the following photos were taken, on Siesta Beach, Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida. My mom lives there, and my grandparents before her, so I grew up visiting there and have been to this beach dozens of times...in fact, I leave in one week from today to spend 14 days visiting my mom (with my kids and grandson meeting me there too!). These were taken on my last trip there, in September, with my best friend (who lives in St. Louis!) I couldn't choose which one I liked best between these two, so I am sharing them both! Same beach, different days!
I love how teeny the people walking along the beach look in this image!

This cloud was so huge I couldn't even fit it all in my viewfinder!
Do you have a crush on clouds like me? :)
Thanks for reading!
Happy Me, Laurie.

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  1. I love your clouds ! Sitting at the beach and just watching them is always wonderful. Have a great vacation!