Monday, April 14, 2014

I Made This!-Summer Fest Poster Submissions

This week for Jamie Ridler's fun weekly blog share I Made This!, I'm sharing photos of three mixed medium pieces I created for a local call for art. It is a bit unusual for me to create specific art for a specific reason, as I have so many photographs, as well as a growing "stock" of various art work that I can choose from to submit...but this time, since the chosen art is to be used for a local town's annual summer festival poster, I decided to create some new summer inspired mixed media pieces made just for this event call for art, instead of just "falling back" on my previously made art & photos.

They are all made with acrylics, assorted papers, glitter, paint pen, and watercolor pens. I also made sure to leave spaces on each for the text information about the festival that will need to be added by the festival sponsors. I wasn't really sure what I would end up making, I just kind of had little "inklings" of possibilities, and, as I do with most of my creativity, it evolved intuitively as I worked! I am pretty "ok" with how they turned out, and think that this last one is my favorite, although the top one is probably better for the necessary informative wording to be added to. I try to put my art aside for at least a few days after working on it, to be able to look at it again with "fresher" eyes than after I have been looking at it for hours as I work on it! Of course, I will "clean up" these images before submitting-I just took these real quick with my iPhone to be able to have for this post!

Thanks for reading-hope you are able to create something today!
Happy Me, Laurie.

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  1. Hi Laurie! Great work. I like the last one best too. Thanks for sharing!