Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday: White & Wish

I'm back from my Oregon adventure...4 days now & I am STILL unpacking and browsing through the over 1,800 photos I took...yes, you read that number correctly...I know, I have a problem...! But if you have ever been to the Oregon coast, you might understand why that number is not so surprising...and even being "fogged in" for much of the trip, I still managed to find an endless array of amazing sights to capture! It was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to return someday soon!

So, today is Wednesday, which means time again for a photo & wish!

Today at 52 Photos Project, Bella asks us to share an image of

On Feb. 1st of this year, my soul mate & I were married in a private early morning ceremony on a secluded beach in Maui. Afterwards, we drove to nearby LaPerouse Bay, which is the furthest point you can go to on the island before it becomes lava fields. We had walked along the coves for about a mile when my husband came upon this heart someone had made from chunks of sun bleached coral. We decided that it was the perfect place to start our honeymoon, and spent close to 5 hours there, lounging, talking, sipping wine, eating snacks, and reveling in our happiness.
Need I say it was absolutely perfect day all around?

And today for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us:
I wish to share many things....
my view of the world through my photographic images
my adoration of animals
my positive attitude
my heart and soul (with those who deserve it)
my immense love for my family and husband
my enthusiasm for creativity
my connection with nature
my grateful heart
my passion for life
my belief in dreams coming true
my faith in the power of love
my true and authentic self
the incredible happiness I am blessed with


Have a wonderful day!
Happy Me-Laurie Z


  1. Your wish list is so inspiring and positively infectious! As you wish for yourself, so do I!

  2. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  3. lovely pix of beach flotsam and jetsam - perfect for your day

  4. a perfect start!
    and a great capture!

  5. I love that someone just left a heart there, like a gift. Congratulations!

  6. Love your wishes! ^-^ As you wish for yourself, so too do I wish for you.

  7. I love the photograph of the coral heart and the story that goes with it. Blessings!

  8. Such a lovely memory of your wedding day!
    What a beautiful spot.
    Thank you for linking up again this week.